Hi everyone, welcome to the story of one of the nicest couple around. Andrew and Linda are so full of love and positive energy. We got along really well and I’m so thankful that we got to be a part of weddings where we are so appreciated and welcomed. Andrew and Linda obviously had been together for quite some time. The letter from Andrew really touched me when he mentioned about how they’ve been talking about the day and its finally arrived. The funniest thing was also how both of them gave each other a watch. Such coincidence!

The same day edit was pretty tough to do as they had a lot of things going on during the day but we pushed through and shown the same day edit proudly in front of their friends and family. I know its probably been mentioned before but showing a same day edit is our best moment as we can really become a part of the day and contribute so much to the experience of the couple and the other guests as well. This one was no different. Thanks linda and andrew for your countless thank yous and group hug :) we love you both and your crowd. We felt so welcomed and well fed 😛 big shout out to the other vendors as well Saxon Cole photography, Robyn Pattison, Silver Pearl reception, Lily and Bramwell, thao make up artist. Thanks so much for a great day.

PS: thank you to linda’s brother andrew and his girlfriend Tina who helped me getting my glidecam that we left behind :) The saxon cole team kindly lend me their one to use during ceremony. Its great to work with people who care about the whole wedding and appreciate teamwork. Love you all!

Song is “Between Here and Now” by Stars Go Dim

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