Don’t judge the book by its cover!

That’s the message that we’ve got after having the privilege to shoot the pre wedding of Budi & Lenny.

The seemed-to-be quiet couple is not that quiet after all. Yes, they were when we had our first meeting.
However, on the shooting day, as soon as we hit the beach, they went all out. We didn’t realise how much they love water until we went down to the edge of the beach. It was an absolute joy to shoot them with minimal direction. It was so natural.

It didn’t stop there. When we’re shooting at the park, it was nearly at the end of our shoot, all of a sudden, Lenny suggested to take some photos with a tree. I thought, “ok, why not. We haven’t done much with trees today”. There were many trees around and we finally found a big one with lots of branches. It was a beautiful tree.
Once we got there, I asked them if they could stand by the tree and hug, then they replied, “can we climb it? would it be a good photo?” I was stunned and excited at the same time. “absolutely”, I said.
So, there they went.. climbing to the top of the branch and sat there side by side. Budi was a bit nervous but Lenny was having the time of her life.
The sun was also setting at the perfect spot.
It was a Kodak moment.

Thanks once again to Budi & Lenny for flying all the way to Down Under and trusting us in capturing your love story. We had an absolute blast and we wish you all the very best on your marriage.
May your marriage filled with joy, laughter and a big tree house at your own back yard. :)


Ferry {Paper Cranes}