Burhan is a long time friend of Ferry’s. They worked in maccas together, lived together, hung out together.. and many more “together”.. LOL… As mutual friends, we also met Burhan a few times over the years so when Burhan and Sam came to discuss about their wedding, we all just became a bunch of old friends and things just fell into place.

Burhan and Sam did a prewedding cinematic portraiture photography which I would say the result was amazing.. Please check it out if you have time, there is also the write up about them from Ferry’s perspective on the page:


About the wedding, Burhan and Sam had their wedding ceremony on another day, so the day was more about the tea ceremony and reception, however, to still have that moment of anticipation and excitement, we also asked them to do a first meet in Botanical Garden. Which we glad we did 😀

The tea ceremony was really emotional and it was a joy to witness, the beauty about tea ceremonies is that its all about the family. Its the time where we can respect our elders and exchange beautiful words to each other. Its definitely a wonderful moment.

Sam’s sister came back all the way from the UK for the wedding. She delivered a heartfelt speech and also did Burhan’s hair in the morning!

All in all, it was a beautiful day, with lots of great moments. Congrats Sam and Burhan. We wish you all the very best in your future together. Lots of travelling.. lots of love :)

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