Cinematic Trailer

This short ‘highlights’ piece that tells the story of the wedding day in the most creative and unique way.

We like to call it a trailer as we always show this film before the couple receive the final DVD.

Lyn Tern + Natasha’s Cinematic Trailer “Thank you!”+

As an editor, i don’t always get to meet our couple personally, but after editing the whole wedding day, it...

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Sarah + Dong-Han’s Cinematic Trailer “I’ve always known..”+

Sarah and Dong both have korean background and we really love seeing the women wearing traditional korean outfit during the...

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Stuart + Rachel’s Cinematic Trailer “The story around election times”+

Stuart is a doctor and Rachel is a sonographer. I had to google what sonographer means and it explains how...

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Gaul + Gloria’s Cinematic Trailer “Mr and Mrs (always) right”+

Happy valentine guys! We hope that everyone is having a memorable and blessed day with their loved ones and just...

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Beno + Vanessa’s Cinematic Trailer “Brand new wifey”+

Beno and Vanessa met during their study times. Its funny how you can get to know many personal things about...

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Jacob + Louise’s Cinematic Trailer “That guy you fell in love with, had to be me”+

Weddings are a celebration of love, family, friendships and the joining of two people for the rest of their lives....

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Jon + Alvina’s Cinematic Trailer “God bless our marriage”+

We flew to Melbourne twice to film this lovely couple’s prewedding and wedding film. If you haven’t watched their prewedding,...

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Anthony + Rebecca’s Cinematic Trailer “You are dancing with me, Anthony!”+

Lots tears shared in this wedding. Its pretty obvious that this couple is very much loved by their family and...

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Duc + Linda’s Cinematic Trailer “3 Letters”+

Linda is a very sweet bride. Yes, she has a soft voice and a gentle personality. Duc on the other...

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David + Kristy’s Cinematic Wedding Trailer “Thank you for loving me”+

WOW it was truly an amazing day no matter what the weather was like on David and Kristy’s wedding, it...

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Srey + Chantra Cinematic Trailer “I give you my heart”+

Wow, what can I say about this wedding. Srey is sweet and cute, and Chantra is a very funny guy...

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Xueran + Jaclyn Cinematic Trailer “We’re Married!!!”+

It was a one beautiful sunny day in Hunter Valley, and we had the privilege to shoot an awesome wedding...

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