Cinematic Trailer

This short ‘highlights’ piece that tells the story of the wedding day in the most creative and unique way.

We like to call it a trailer as we always show this film before the couple receive the final DVD.

Henry + Astee’s Cinematic Trailer “It’s time to polish up your Singlish”+

When you look back at a wedding, there’s always many stories that take you back to the day, you laugh,...

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Patrick + Jennifer’s Cinematic Trailer “What’s the limit?”+

Patrick and Jennifer hoped for an elegant wedding. That was their theme, and I believe they got what they wanted....

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Andrew + Amy’s Cinematic Trailer “When you fall in love”+

What I love from reading Amy’s answers for the questionnaire is that, it reflects a lot about her even though...

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Sung + Jodi’s Cinematic Trailer “Fight for you”+

We love filming weddings and seeing the little stories that just come out during the day. A few of those...

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Andrew + Eileen’s Cinematic Trailer “Mrs Diong”+

When I try to remember Andrew and Eileen’s wedding, I see two people who are so sweetly in love. They are...

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Chris + Sharon’s Cinematic Trailer “You’re so sneaky…”+

Chris and Sharon are complete opposite characters but like what Sharon said on her speech, she doesn’t know how but...

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Stephen + Jacqueline’s Hawaii Cinematic Trailer “I finally met my match”+

We were so excited when we knew that we’re going to Hawaii, even more so when we knew it was...

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Jenny + Erik’s Cinematic Trailer “Future 10″+

Jenny and Erik has their own stage name… JENERIK. Yep, thats what a lot of their friends know them as,...

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Edmond + Wendy’s Wedding Cinematic Trailer “Without anything…!?”+

What a cute couple! Wendy and Edmond just melt everyone’s heart with their genuine and humble love. The wedding day...

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Bryan + Charisse’s Cinematic Trailer “We belong together”+

Everything about this wedding was BEAUTIFUL! 
It was meticulously planned, both Bryan and Charisse did a great job, the view...

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Nathan + Rochelle’s Cinematic Trailer “And then some more… “+

What a wedding it was. Nathan and Rochelle really knew how to celebrate and not only planning it, but enjoying...

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Robert + Anita Cinematic Trailer “Butter to my bread”+

Robert and Anita is an adventurous couple. They will not be found sitting around in the house on the weekend....

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