Cinematic Portraiture

“The Art of photography through the language of film”. When it comes to photography, our philosophy does not change.

In every shot, we look for elements that capture the essence of who our couple really are and the things that are important to them. To achieve this, we learn all we can about them and what makes them tick.

The result will not just be pretty pictures, but a keepsake that will really speak about who they are as a couple.

Ferry + Renny’s Pre Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “The Golden Hour”+

One of our own…I have known Ferry and Renny for more than 2 years now. I personally have assisted Ferry...

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Jonathan + Joanna’s Pre Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Love you always”+

It’s always to nice to connect with a couple really well. Whether it’s a Wedding day or a Pre-wedding shoot....

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Hernan + Irene’s Pre Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Love, it’s a funny thing isn’t it!”+

Sydney has been putting on a real show lately with this f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s weather and haven’t we as photographers and cinematographers...

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Derrick + Melissa’s Pre Wedding Cinematic Portraiture |”Love of my life”+

One of the most powerful strengths in any relationship is the ability to stand strong and together through a long...

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Hanshen + Inez’s Pre Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Timing is everything”+

One of the many things that I really love about Pre-wedding photography, is the fact that it can take you...

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Douglas + Charis’ Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | ” We will serve the Lord together”+

I love a couple with a unique story. It’s something that really excites me. Douglas + Charis’ story is beautiful. It’s...

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Shane + Alexandra’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “The Room mate agreement”+

“When I’m with you that’s where I find peace” Woah! what a way to say I love you… Shane +...

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Jason & Shu Yian’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Hi Babe”+

We first met with Shu and Jason back in 2012 to shoot their Pre-wedding photos! So natural, they were just...

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Yong & Dawhin | “My Mr Cho”+

When you have the opportunity to connect with a couple that you’re going to film and photograph, I think we...

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Michael & Fionie’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Match made in Heaven”+

Michael and Fionie… These two… We love them…. A perfect match for each other. A match made in heaven. The...

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Vincent + Danielle’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “It’s all about the fun!”+

Each and every time we get to capture a couples wedding, we hear many stories, some are funny, some are...

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Nathan + Rochelle’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture “Wipe away those tears”+

It’s time to party! I think the bar of awesome-ness has been raised following Nathan and Rochelle’s wedding up in...

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