Cinematic Portraiture

“The Art of photography through the language of film”. When it comes to photography, our philosophy does not change.

In every shot, we look for elements that capture the essence of who our couple really are and the things that are important to them. To achieve this, we learn all we can about them and what makes them tick.

The result will not just be pretty pictures, but a keepsake that will really speak about who they are as a couple.

Choi & Jane’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Bubu and Baba”+

  Jane and Choi are two wonderful people and we are glad to have captured their special day. Jane has...

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Budi & Sarah’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Thank You”+

I personally have known Budi for quite some times and am very privileged to be able to call him a...

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Ferry & Renny’s Wedding 20 September 2013 | “Mouth Spray”+

Finally this is the day that we (papercranes) had been waiting for. The wedding of our beloved Ferry and Renny....

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Steven & Jenny’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture| “20 Push Ups”+

Here are some of the most memorable moments at Steven & Jenny’s big day. We couldn’t stop laughing during the...

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Peter & Lily’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “This Guy Loves His Wife”+

I always love photographing weddings. There’s so much love in the air and the bride and groom spent so much...

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Budi & Sarah’s Pre Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Meant To Be”+

Our good friends, Budi & Sarah have finally decided to take the next step in their relationship as a husband...

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Matt & Jane’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “This I Promise”+

Andrew and I had ball capturing Matt & Jane’s Special Day. Their welcoming attitude made us felt like home right...

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Erwin & Livia’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Happier At Home”+

2014 is going to be the year filled with emotional memories for Cinematic Portraiture. Thanks to Erwin & Livia for...

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Shane & Alexandra’s Pre Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “We Met and Bam”+

“We Met and Bam Thirteen Years Later We Are Getting Married”   What a view!! Not a bad place to...

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Vikram & Kruti’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “109,676 kilometers”+

  This 2-day wedding would, by far, be the most colourful wedding I’ve ever captured in my entire wedding career....

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Andrew & Clarissa’s Pre Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Pictures of You”+

When Andrew was planning to propose Clarissa, he gathered some of his friends and relatives and asked each of them...

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Adam & Anita’s Wedding Cinematic Portraiture | “Uncle Adam, Your Bride Is Coming!”+

When it comes to variety, this lovely couple has it all. Anita has Middle Eastern background – Arabic mix with...

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