Pre-Wedding Film

A creative short film that tells the story of who the couples are, how they came together and what is unique about them.

Seandy + Ingrid’s Prewedding Film “Max, Lizzie and Snowball”+

“KIDS…” Yep.. they have 3 very cute little “kids” that will really melt your heart once you meet them. We...

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Jon + Alvina’s Prewedding Film “Labbit love”+

We went to the much enjoyable Melbourne city a few months back to film this cute and sweet couple’s prewedding...

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Shu + Thazin’s Same Day Edit Experience + Prewedding Film+

Shu and Thazin as a couple is very very compatible yet very different. They definitely work really well together as...

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Kelvin + Jessica Cinematic Trailer “Double man…”+

Hello once again every one, welcome back to my humble editing corner. Today presenting our lovely couple Kelvin & Jessica,...

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Sam + Michelle’s Prewedding FIlm “Whoever you want me to be..”+

Sam and Michelle has a very cute story… We filmed this prewedding film with them a few months back when...

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Winston + Lariza’s Prewedding Film “Keep Fit, Marry On”+

Lariza likes to exercise, Winston… I think he’s the same if not more! However, this wasn’t the case before. There...

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Danson + Catherine’s Prewedding Film “We’ll see…”+

We first met Danson and Catherine when we went to Singapore in 2010. They were already planning their wedding and...

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Ben + Catherine’s Prewedding Film | “The Sweet Little Things”+

Hey everyone! Another prewedding film based on true story and this one is for the sweet couple Ben and Catherine....

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Ruben + Josephine’s Prewedding Film + Teaser | “San Fran I’m in Love”+

First of all, Josephine’s nickname is Ochie so let us call her that from now as we never actually call...

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Yudi + Yenyen’s Prewedding Film | “A Little Adventure..”+

We are so glad to have known Yudi and Yenyen. They are so nice both inside and out. We feel...

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Elwin + Susan’s Prewedding Film | “Would you be my Wife?”+

Its our very first experience witnessing a real proposal from another couple! Elwin is such a kind-hearted man. Susan kept...

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Michael + Sally’s Prewedding Film | “When Michael Met Sally”+

When Michael and Sally shared with us their love story. We were constantly laughing because it was so funny. 1....

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