Same Day Edit

A short highlight piece that is shot, edited and shown on the reception night of the wedding day, to the surprise and delight of guests!

We call it an “Experience” because we believe that it will be one of the most amazing experiences that you will have on your wedding day, as it is to us each and every time.

Richard + Wendy’s Same Day Edit Experience “You’re Beautiful”+

How awesome is the song used in this SDE! but not as awesome as this beautiful couple that really cherish...

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Louis + Jess’s Same Day Edit Experience “How to open…..”+

Louis and Jess’s wedding had every elements needed to create a fun wedding. Our team is already familiar with their...

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Sherman and Kim’s Same Day Edit Experience “Together we will grow old…”+

First of all, we DID IT, I told you we’d be there with you every second, it went by so...

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Anthony + Monique’s Same Day Edit Experience “Bottle up that love”+

Energetic, fun and family are just a few words that come to mind when I think about Anthony and Monique’s...

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Dennis + Seraina’s Same Day Edit Experience “Miraculous Love”+

Dennis and Seraina has not only one of the most unique love stories we ever witnessed but also the most...

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Charles + Frances Same Day Edit Experience “It is what’ll get us through”+

This has got to be one of the hardest blog posts I’ve ever had to write. The Cobol family have...

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Jonny + Joanne’s Same Day Edit Experience + Cinematic Portraiture “Most important toast of my life”+

If I had to describe their wedding with one word, it would be “Grandeur”. It’s only been a few days...

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Chien + Daphne Same Day Edit Experience “for life and beyond…”+

I know Daphne and her sister Phoebe for quite some time now. They are that kind of friends that you...

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Jason + Catherine’s Same Day Edit Experience “Your penguin always”+

LOVE is the word I picked to describe this wedding, and I would like to use this one word for...

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Andrew + Tina’s Same Day Edit Experience “Until the end of time”+

Andrew is the brother of a bride (Linda) that we filmed a few years back. We had a great time...

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Aldrin + Alyssa’s Same Day Edit Experience “baby Lo”+

Gotta love a Filo wedding! We love the people, the family culture, the way they know how to have fun...

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Nicholas + Anne’s Same Day Edit Experience “1000 Paper Cranes”+

During our meeting with the couple, Nicholas appeared to be Mr Cool who is very laid back and relaxed AKA...

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