Jack or Charley? Jack or Charley?
That’s probably the number one question that Dave & Clara are asking at the moment and they will find out the answer very very soon.

Time really flies…
It feels like yesterday when we captured Dave & Clara’s wedding day.
As a matter of fact, we are still discussing among our team about how lovely and sweet their wedding was.
Their wedding video has definitely become the benchmark for all our other crafts.

When we had our first meeting, we remember how both of them were so pumped about their wedding day and how they should do certain things.
About a month ago, they came by to our nest once more only this time they weren’t just the two of them. There were Dave, Clara and her Big belly. Woohoo..
We couldn’t be more exciting when we saw them and how we should do Clara’s maternity portraiture.
This would be their very first baby born and our very first maternity shoot, and we want to do it right,  so we threw in so many cool concepts. It was definitely one of those moment where we were organising a Chritmas party. We wanna do this, do that, everything! Lol.

In the end, we managed to cut down some of the concepts to just the most unique and strongest ones.
So here they are. Hope you guys would enjoy viewing them as much as we created them.

Big congrats once again to Dave & Clara for their first baby born.
Jack or Charley? it wouldn’t matter.
It fact, you guys can have both. Jack and Charley. One after another.

Happy parenting and have lots of fun!