What can I say… it was a magical experience watching this Same Day Edit with Dave, Clara and the whole room at Le Montage last Sunday. Lots of tears, joy and happiness toward the end of the film and that is what its all about… the experience.

If I have to pick one word to describe Dave, it would be prince charming (ok.. its two words). He is one of the nicest and the most gentlemanly grooms I have come across.. He really loves and takes good care of others, especially his bride of course.

Clara is the sweetest girl. She is korean, while Dave is filipino. She is the most easy-going bride ever, although there was a bit of debate on whether she wanted to put her fringe up or down.. but that’s about it.

Dave and Clara invited us for dinner in their house months before the wedding just to simply… make friends with us. Through our conversation we got to know what makes them unique as a couple and what is important for them.

The wedding day was not really what you would call ideal. It was raining for most of the location shoot. Poor Clara had to walk around in the rain and wind. However we made it through and came up with beautiful footage though a bit wet and messed up our hair a little bit.

We did something that we have never done before in this wedding. Clara couldn’t read out the card that Dave gave to her in the morning. So we got Dave to read it out for us just before the reception started. Dave cried while reading his own card and thats why you could hear that he meant every word, as if he was speaking to Clara. That was the turning point of the Same Day Edit. We knew we had a winner and that was it.

After the SDE was shown Dave and Clara hugged us all and Clara whispered in my ear “Thank you for making my dream come true”. Apparently she hadn’t really been crying for the whole day due to being anxious and nervous but she finally got very emotional and cried while watching the film. Dave also said how grateful he was for us being there… it was an inspirational night for us.

So we just wanted to share to other fellow wedding film-makers out there, we all have the gift to make someone realize of how beautiful their life story is.. to remind them on how everything happened for a reason and the journey was worth the moment they have today. That is such an incredible thing to have. Cherish it and use it well. :)

Shout out to the Saxon Cole Photography team Wil and Henry. Great team work guys! Love it!


1. David Choi – By my side
2. Matthew Perryman Jones – I don’t want to leave

both are wonderful artists/singers… I’d recommend to check out their tracks on iTunes.

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