DRUMS! Yep… we heard a lot of drumming on the day, with lots and lots of dancing. Lebanese weddings are famous for these elements, as well as hundreds of family members and friends having a great party and celebrating. This was definitely the case with Jocelyne and Elias’s wedding plus MORE… there were so many things happening on the day, that when Elias asked us whether we had enough content to edit the SDE on the night, we told him we were having trouble filtering through all of them because there were just too much great material.

Loved the little kids around the house as they were dancing and playing around, just full of energy. Loved the mini-story of the mum having her last touch-up on the dress which she made for the bride. Loved the way we edited together Elias and his nephew getting ready separately, but as if we can see Elias and his mini him at the same time. Loved the spectacular entrance with the fire burning and lots of dancers, loved a lot of things… One thing in particular… was the RING SHOT… we love it when the ring shot goes really well with the theme of the wedding, Dustin and Ferry thought about incorporating drums into it.

So here is our take on a lebanese wedding SDE, hope you guys enjoy it :) Thanks so much Elias and Jocelyne for being so awesome and trusting to our work!

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