Linda is adorable and sweet. Howard is down to earth and you could really tell how much he loves Linda. Their wedding was blessed with perfect weather, ran smoothly and was a fun and playful day full of activities and surprises for the guests.
Their outdoor ceremony was beautifully decorated, it felt like a fairytale. Their Labrador, Max made it to the ceremony, he was their ring-bearer and he, as much as Howard was excited to seeing Linda walk down the aisle.

Some of the cool things were oversized board games and an Ice Cream truck, which came out all the way just for the guests. They also organized an awesome choreographed surprise “Gangnam Style” dance at the reception. Pretty epic!
Congratulations again Linda and Howard, your day was full of heartfelt moments, and thank you for letting us be a part of your lives for your wedding day, we hope you enjoy the memories that were captured and the stories that you get to share with it :)

Dave {papercranes}