This couple is awesome. When I see their life within the period of one day, I see joy and happiness. I see their family and friends bonded really well, everybody was having fun and celebrating their union in marriage. I see the fruit in their investments in their closed ones. They are the kind of people who treat others with respect and also.. knows how to have fun… and they did so on their wedding day.

One of the funniest thing was when we talked about whether they were going to do anything special on the wedding day, including gift exchange.. both of them straight away said No! in the most ignorant way. But both of them did give each other presents and we are glad they did. Sometimes you cannot trust bride and grooms that easily these days… 😛

I love seeing the parents having so much fun on the day, after the bridal party did a hectic entrance, the parents did their own little dance while walking in. It just warms your heart to see them so happy because when I’m at my children’s wedding, I would like to have the same fun as they do!

Thanks so much Bernie and Jason, for your wonderful self. Thanks for choosing us to be a part of your life even though in a small part. Hopefully what we have produced will leave smiles and tears of joy in your family for many years to come :)

The Paper Cranes team