Hi everyone,

We are so excited to share this particular trailer. Not only because it is super sweet and tear jerking but also because these two people are very dear to our heart.

We got to know Jenni and Gunawan a lot more through the making of their prewedding film, which we also love so much! (http://www.vimeo.com/19907533). And through that experience, we really learned what makes them special and unique as a couple. Jenni is a very outgoing person while gunawan is more of the quiet type. However when they are together, they just glow and really cherish each others presence.

Having known them more now, it really touched our hearts when we were editing their film and listening to the speeches.. especially gunawan’s. He is a very quiet person and it was pleasantly surprising for us to hear such a wonderful and heartfelt speech coming from his heart even when he’s dead nervous as you can see from the film.

Lastly, we would sincerely like to thank jenni and gun for their friendship and continuous support. and special mention to the photographers Jenni Sun and David pham for their great companionship on the day! it was soooo muchhhh funnnn….

The Paper Cranes team
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