The funniest thing that I remember about Jon and Clara was during our first meeting, Clara (being the bride) spoke the most out of the two and at one time she referred the wedding as “My wedding” instead of “Our wedding” and all of us just bursted out laughing leaving Clara feeling bad but Jon seemed to be used to it already :p

We often said to Clara that she should really consider to be a wedding stylist because of what we have seen of her talent. Anyone who went to her wedding would agree to how creative and beautiful the whole styling is. From her bouquet to her cake, everything was so well thought of. I also like the wedding venue that she chose (the intercontinental hotel) or maybe its just because of her styling? I don’t know, but the wedding really felt intimate and cozy..

Apart from the beautiful details, the other thing that I really liked was just the atmosphere. You can tell that there was so much love there between the two families. I always think that if you want to know whether someone has been a good person or not, go to their wedding and you shall find out. These two have definitely treated their close ones with a lot love… and in return, they receive love.. lots of them..

so congrats jon and clara once again.. we love you both and we want to thank you once again for your love and support.. and also the gifts! but most importantly, for just being who you are :)

Song is Ocean by the talented Kim Edwards

The Paper Cranes team