This film has been a long time coming, but I hope it is worth the wait. Josh and Lisa are our dear friends from church. They are without a doubt an amazing couple that inspire people every day by just being them. We knew that their wedding was going to be special..full of love, full of stories and full of inspiration..because they know that they are not living for them selves. But they live for a purpose, which is ultimately to make God’s glory shine from their life.

I was bummed that I couldn’t film their wedding because me and Ferry were already booked on the day for another wedding. But we managed to get Dave and Dustin (double D team) to film the wedding in the last minute. This was their first gig by them selves and the result simply speaks for it selves. I just really thank God that we got to film this because otherwise it would be a huge loss not to have this kind of film that will inspire other couples around the world to love, and love again unconditionally. Props to team Double D for capturing these moments that we all can witness now.

Thanks Josh and Lisa for being the people that you are. I pray for more and more of Him to come to your life. Love you both.