Kareem is a cool guy. Yes.. thats how we would portray him. Not only he has this charm that makes people want to get to know him, but he’s also very nice and genuine as a person.

Catherine is a VERY SWEET girl (with capitals) yes… The moment we met her was like meeting a princess as she’s full of smile and very graceful in the way she talks.

We love this couple so much even though we only met for a short time, they were very accommodating and just very nice to everyone. Despite the heavy rain during their wedding day, they still held a happy smile and not worrying about the rain that much because they know for a fact that the rain was not really important at all to be worried about. They just wanted to get married and have fun! and so they did…

Kareem got a nice rolex watch from his dad that was kept for him for so many years (35 years if I’m not mistaken) I got goose bumps when I heard that and I’m thinking to do that for my son as well! 😛

Thanks so much Kareem and Catherine for just being you. We hope that you guys would cherish this piece of memories that we captured for you for ever and ever more.. just like how Kareem said it on his speech 😛

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