It was at St.Mary’s Cathedral where Kelvin & Jessica made a life time promise to each other witnessed by closed family and friends.
It really was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful church.
Too beautiful that when the pigeons were set free just outside the church, we weren’t the only ones capturing the moment.
There were literally hundreds of other enthusiast photographers a.k.a tourists took that golden chance trying to snap the perfect moment.
It surely felt like surrounded by paparazzi in a Royal Wedding.

We absolutely love the morning gift exchange.
A simple pumpkin soup for Jessica made specially by Kelvin was enough to bring tears and lots of tissues.
Kelvin who has been a fan of a remote controlled helicopters finally got his own.

The day went by nice and smooth and Kelvin’s dad certainly gave everyone so much laughs at the reception. You guys should definitely check out their wedding trailer.
It was such a privilege to be able to capture their big day.
Big thanks to Kelvin & Jessica in trusting us and we hope you’d enjoy a happy and long-lasting marriage.

Ferry {Paper Cranes}