Khoa gave Linda a card that says “On Your Wedding…” but he crossed the “Y” to make it “OUR”… very smart…
My favorite part of the wedding day is definitely the gift exchange, it is just the best way to kick off the day because it is the time where you can write how you feel without being worried by how to say it. You can take your time and remember all the things that brought you to that day. In their journey, the thing that stood up was Junior Whopper With Cheese… its so random isn’t it? but don’t you just love it??
Khoa and Linda works in London (one of my favourite cities!! ) They are just beautiful people that are adored by the people in their surrounding. We can tell from the speeches that were on the night, they are soo much loved. And beautiful people deserve the best in their life and we think that they have the best for each other.
Please enjoy their wedding Same Day Edit, we’ll put up the reaction as well very very soon :)

The Paper Cranes Team