Touched would be the word that I like to hear the most when I read people’s comment about our work. I feel content when I can touch people’s heart and hopefully brighten their day and bring positive thoughts and energy into their mind.

In this wedding, it was the other way around. As with everybody else that day, I was so touched by the honesty and positive energy that Liang and lei brought into the day. It was so full of love and its great to be reminded to what makes our job so meaningful and important. These great moments are to be shared with others not to show off the beautiful wedding, but to remind people that love is beautiful and we should cherish the ones we love.
Thanks Liang and Lei for being the people that you are. We are blessed to know you, and to have worked with you. I pray that you guys will continue to be a blessing to many more people, just by being you. I also want to congratulate your new adventure in the wedding industry. This industry need more people like you guys, who would put others before your selves.

Thanks for the friendship all this time.. and here’s to many more years!

PS: Great job sophie lau for the make up, Lei looked so stunning! and also Robyn Pattison for the tear jerking ceremony :)

Santo {paper cranes}