awestruct at the wedding! there were so many beautiful moments in it especially during the gift exchange, ceremony and the speech. we were just blown away by the pure honesty and love that we strongly felt that day.
Our special gift for the lovely bride and groom especially Liang who we have known for quite some time now. Very talented guy and down to earth as well. This teaser is based on his speech when he read out a 10-year-old hotmail email that he dug out from his inbox during the tough times when he was trying to get a visa from china to join lei in australia. He needed to pass his IELTS test to get the visa and be together with lei. I still remember the room was filled with tears listening to him reading it out.
Thanks liang and ley for being awesome friends to us. We appreciate your love and kindness and hope you enjoy this little teaser we put together just for you guys :)

The Paper Cranes Team
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