Mark and Cat are with the same group of friends with one of our favorite couples Adrian and Karina ( ) whose wedding we filmed 2 years ago. They obviously inherit the same energy and commitment to make their wedding extra unique and special for them and everybody else that was involved. We thought we have seen it all.. but we were wrong… this wedding has a lot of things unseen before to even people like us who shoot weddings almost every week. From grown men pulling their pants down in the middle of the street with strangers passing by to a contest of whose sneakers rock the most. Cut the long story short, their wedding was full of awesomeness and most of all.. FUN!

Mark was determined to go to war with his gate crash games. He was the most fully prepared groom ever with so many ammunition to throw in his opponent. I would have to say he is the first groom who has won the gate crash games, but at least he still had to wear silly things 😛

Cat is a super funky bride, I love her hair and make up combined with her dress and sneakers. Her evening dress was also stunning and funky to wear during the gangnam style flashmob. yes… flashmob! Well done Adrian and Karina for choreographing it!

Mark did a lot of silly things, including silly promises during his personal vow, however I have to say the last few words were very touching and we can see that he meant those words.

All in all, we had a lot of fun and would like to thank mark and cat for their great heart and soul. We hope that you guys will enjoy this little bit of memories captured on your wedding day. Till next time :)

The Paper Cranes Team