Love this couple! yes, minh and maria are our first M & M couple! They even ordered special M&M with their pictures and wedding dates printed on them. Once we saw the M&M, we didn’t have to look any further to film the ring shot. It was pretty tricky to arrange the little m&ms on a wine glass and we only had 1 chance to pour the m&ms onto the rings but I think it went pretty well!

This couple fed us soooooo well….. starting from the morning feast followed by packed vietnamese spring rolls just before the location shoot, we were soooooo spoilt! Thank you so much guys for taking care of us we appreciate it very much :) We also had our own Paper Cranes liaison Tonie who have been absolutely wonderful and helpful together with her fellow bridesmaids. We even took quite a few photo booth pictures together 😛

Ok, back to the story of the couple! there were so many unique things about this couple, the m&m story was one, the next would be the go pro! Minh gave Maria a go pro camera as gift in the morning and he said to her that she can use it when they meet, I dont think Minh really meant that but Maria definitely took that seriously.

She put the go pro onto her bouquet and actually WALKED DOWN THE ISLE WITH IT… We love unique things like this that happens on a wedding so we managed to get the footage of the go pro and insert it to the sde.

Their dog, Muscle (yes… muscle…) is a very little and cute dog, but unfortunately he was a bit sick before the wedding and couldn’t really perform much for us but we know how much it means for them so I’m so happy to get a cute shot of Muscle while Maria is getting ready on her white dress.

The day was also very beautiful, with stunning light going over stunning bride during location shoot, you can see it for yourselves Maria looks amazing with her beautiful veil Im pretty sure Minh would agree :)

Thanks so much guys to you and your crowd, we felt very welcomed and humbled with your kindness… We hope you guys will cherish the memories that we have captured and told for you guys for many manyyyyy years to come :)

The Paper Cranes team