Hi everyone,

Just would like to share our One Fine Day Wedding Fair experience earlier this month. We had a lot of fun (again) and was also honoured to be trusted to capture the film recap of the event again this year (watch below). The best thing about going to an event like this for us is not only having the chance to meet the couples and get to know them a little bit but also to catch up with fellow vendors and just basically have a ball. So we did…

There is a lot of changes that was made this year and we believe that they are all positive changes so well done to the organisers. The fair was run over 2 days instead of a single day like last year which was awesome because it is quite sad to have to give all our effort to set up the stand and then take it down the next afternoon. So to be able to enjoy our hard work more is a huge plus! 😛

Thanks to the organiser for putting up a great event. Thanks to our team and friends for taking the time to help out.. you know who you are, special thanks to Jmc Upholstery for the great rustic table, giant wooden tree and the awesome looking paper cranes light box. We are amazed by your hard work putting all of these together in such a short time.. and finally thanks to all of you who came to our stand and say hello. We are humbled by the amount of people who were there. We hope you enjoy the show bag and the goodies that came with it :)

Thanks so much once again and see you all next year!

The Paper Cranes team

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