WOW…….. I love this SDE.. Why? Well.. apart from how Sonam and Ailien were just really nice to us.. and I mean really really nice… I also love how I got to work with our very own cinematic portraiture team for the very first time!!! It was kinda weird having all of us on the same shoot and of course its hard to avoid some sort of competition between each team, about which one is more important for the day hahaha…. In all seriousness.. the day went just so smoothly and was full of fun 😀

Back about the SDE, somehow the thought of using split screen just came up when listening to the song and it just worked very well. I really love the bridal beauty shots of Ailien in the beginning with her smiling and laughing as well as just most of the parts where she’s smiling full of happiness. These two are just so sweet together and I’m sure everyone in the photo and film team agree when I say that we are so glad to be there capturing their moments last Saturday.. so thanks so much guys for just being so awesome. We wish you all the blessings in the world.

Make sure you also view their Cinematic Portraiture series, captured by our photography team by clicking this link.

PS: This shoot was the first time we used our brand new sliders from dpslider, the Mantis and the Prime series.. can’t stress enough how great they are… thanks to dpslider (

The Paper Cranes Team