A cinematic timelapse film shot around Sydney to promote the Sydney Easter Parade 2012. The Parade will happen this coming Sunday 8th April 2012 at 2pm going from Hyde Park along market st then turn to george st, to park st and return to Hyde Park for more exciting festivities and celebration on the true meaning of Easter.

The film was shot within one single day starting from 6am in the morning for a sunrise shot and end at Kings Cross for a night shot of the famous Coca Cola sign. Santo, Ferry and Dave were basically walking around the city all day filming timelapse here and there following their pre-planned route to various Sydney icons around the city.

All time lapse shots were using 5d mark ii, 550d with magic lantern and 7D. All slow-mo shots were using 7d with 720p60 setting

Dave then assembled all the RAW pictures and adjusted the exposure one by one in post to eliminate any flicker and drastic exposure changes.

Ferry colored the film using Apple Color and used grain overlays to add film grain to the piece.

Music is by Constant Seas licensed through The Music Bed

It was definitely a huge learning experience and totally something new for us to embrace. We have always been fascinated with the world of timelapse where everything just looks ‘different’. The guys from Dynamic Perception really did a great job to make great timelapse sliders that can realize our vision in such an affordable cost. The slider was very much solid and reliable in giving us the shots that we’re after.

The things that we learned was to predict the shot 30-60 minutes after. What we see now may not be what we will get an hour later in terms of lighting, people, shadow, movement after sliding, etc. It was definitely something new and we cannot wait for our next timelapse adventure.

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For now, please do share this piece to your circle of friends and help us to promote the Sydney Easter Parade and join the festivities! Happy Easter! :)

The Paper Cranes team
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