Yep, one of our dreams have always been to share what we know about storytelling and inspire people to change the world to be a better place. We only have so many hands in Paper Cranes but through sharing with others, we believe that we can make more of an impact in people’s lives. We have received countless emails and feedbacks from other people about them seeing our work and how their lives were changed, their marriages were restored or just simply had their days brighten up. We are very excited to have this sort of things to happen even more through the work of the people that have attended our workshop.

We just would like to say thank you to everyone who have believed in us so much especially our sponsors. We were humbled to receive such great support from established people in the industry and we want to encourage everyone to learn what they have to offer by clicking on the links on their logos below. We will gladly share our experience as well so everyone is more than welcomed to ask us any questions you may have about any of these awesome industry leaders.

Special thanks to Delia from Bubblefish and Wil from Saxon Cole for speaking on the workshop as well. Also to Ps Ben from Life Centre for the beautiful venue that allows us to do so many practical things in one spot. Shout out to Paper, Lace and Confetti for helping us organising and decorating the event, Ostbil for the taking care of the audio throughout the week and Chef Sam for the beautiful food especially during the graduation diner night… everyone is still raving about the chocolate soufflé that he did, Amy Chan from Amy Chan Make Up and hair, Pat and Ley from the Bubble Tea Couple for the great come-back performance with us, Miguel and Marielle, Jaye and Danielle for being the great couples for our group tasks. Lastly, but not the least, huge thank you to the whole gang of Paper Cranes Team.. I seriously love you all. You guys know who you are and I am grateful that we are in this journey together. I hope that we can continue this adventure with lotsa crazy ideas, spontaneous actions, fun outings and lame jokes! But most importantly, thanks for just being there and being in awesome team that I’m most privileged to be a part of.

Finally, please enjoy this edit by Chris. A lot of people sort of filmed the footage but most would have come from Dave and Dustin so props to them both. Once again thanks so much everyone who have made one of my dreams come true. Can’t wait for the next one.


PS: here’s our trailer video prior to the workshop to express what we wanted to share :)