What a week it has been.

We knew that it was going to be a trip that would never forget, but honestly we didn’t know what to expect. When the attendees started coming and the room was full of strangers, then it hit me. Awesome.

It was 4 1/2 days workshop full of content and activities. We added and modified a lot of material on top of our Sydney workshop last year taking into consideration the feedback that we received from past attendees. We also have more experience this year so presenting the materials are a lot less horrifying in front of 30+ people.

What is different about this workshop is probably the size of the workshop. There are a lot more people so we had to be aware of a lot more things mainly with timing and logistics. And having it outside of our home ground also add a little bit of challenge to our resources, but the organisers from 3PM crew have helped the process tremendously.

What is the same about this workshop with the previous one is the stories. It sounds like a cliche but its not. We are teaching people about storytelling and we can’t help but be amazed when we hear the stories that each of the attendees have. One person want to be a volunteer videographer to make people happy, another wants to reduce the number of divorce rate in the world, another want to inspire others to have a better life, these are all inspirational people and we are so humbled to be able to connect with all of them.

Finally, we want to sincerely thank everyone that has contributed to the Unfold Workshop 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which are:

- The Organisers – 3PM crew (Tc Gan, Howard, Terrence, Ahliong)

- The Sponsors – The Music Bed, Dp Slider, Rpd, CinePlus, NewBlueFx, FilmConvert and Canon

- The couples that participated: Dick + Sharon, Yumi + Khuan, Terrence + Serena and Alex + Eva

- The attendees – Steve, Tony, Andrew, Renzani, Narmit, Ronny, Hadi, Cino, Fiqri, LunaG, Marcus, Sinn Chun Hou, Brian, SK, Lexis, Derek, Low Chin Siang, Wahyu, Jessica, Jennibelle, Yentri, Kevin, Oswald, Lim Jia Hong, Saiful, Ben, Kelvin and Allan.

- The Paper Cranes team – Dewi, Ferry, Dave, Pudi, Fibi, Chris and Dustin

Finally, the mission of Unfold Workshop is to grow life-changing storytellers all around the world to help make the world a better place by sharing beautiful love stories that celebrate life. We thank all the Malaysia workshop participant to have joined this extra step in our vision. We look forward to see everyone grow ten folds in the near future together with the other Unfold alumni. Also, to the other people that have supported us either through friendship, facebook, or those random lovely messages that we receive every now and then. You have no idea how big of a part you play in our journey. Thank you.

{paper cranes}

The film was filmed mainly by Dave, where he had to wake up super early in the morning to get the malaysian timelapse as well as filming here and there for the behind the scenes shots, Dustin and 3PM crew. Edited by Christopher Phan, Dustin and 3PM crew. Edited by Chris
The slideshow below is made solely by Pudi


We are extremely proud and excited to share two big announcements. The first one is to officially announce our second UNFOLD storytelling workshop and the second one is to confirm that the location this year will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! We can’t wait to visit the city and try all the delicious food that Malaysia has to offer particularly in KL.

Last year we had an amazing time with the attendees that came to our Unfold workshop in Sydney. We shared stories, exchange lots of hugs, inspire and be inspired by each other. It was truly an unforgettable experience for both our team and the attendees. This year we are looking for that same vibe, same atmosphere, with better content and presentations to share.

Our purpose in doing workshop is mainly to share our mindset about storytelling. We believe that as storytellers we are blessed with a very powerful talent and what we produce can be so inspiring and quite possibly change the world. So our desired outcome from the workshop is to produce storytellers that are better than us but have the same mindset to help make the world a better place.. full of love and positive values.

This year we are going full force with improved presentation notes and more things to share than before. Nearly all of us are going to fly down to Malaysia and have a blast together with you all. This invitation is of course, open to non-malaysian as well and we look forward to have a mix of culture and background in the workshop as much as possible.

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
Sentul Park,
Jalan Strachan ( Off Jalan Ipoh ),
511000 Kuala Lumpur,
General Line : +60340479000

24th-28th July 2013 9am – 6pm (except 24th)

RM 3000 pp

RM2850 for 3 or more people from the same studio

(Limited availability)

Email: creative@papercranes.com.au with subject line: UNFOLD2013 REGISTRATION

To summarise what we are going to present during the workshop, here is the rundown of each of the 5 days

DAY 0 5pm – 8.30pm: Introduction night
Light snack will be provided as we gather in the workshop venue to say hello and get to know each other a bit more. We will show some of the attendees work and give feedback based on our personal view and experience. This will be great to sort of see where everyone is at and what can be improved during the course of the workshop

DAY 1: Identify {you} + Event Film-making + The Art of Storytelling
On this first day, we want to concentrate on setting the grounds right. We will talk about how to stay true to yourselves and what some of the key techniques/skills that we apply in all of our shoots, in particular the language of film and storylining.

DAY 2: The power of Composition/Lighting + Creative Shooting with a couple + Prewedding Film Story Building
Storytelling is key, but your images also play a strong part in delivering your messages the right way, so here we want to really understand why composition and lighting are the two most crucial part to get your shots right. We also will share our techniques in making sure that we have a lot of variety and creativity in each of our shots during real live events.

DAY 3: Practical Day (Lighting, Glidecam + Slider, Monopod + Lenses) + Group task in the afternoon.
Today is more of a practical day where we will have smaller groups of people and show how we use our gear in our shoots. Then we will have the same groups to each produce a film together as part of a collaboration work where they will be judged by our creative team, the winner may win an awesome prize…

DAY 4: Storytelling in Editing + Paper Cranes as Business + The importance of Branding + Conclusion
On the last day, we will cover our storytelling process in the post-production era, as well as how we grow our business and tips and tricks that we believe everyone can apply in their businesses.

(These schedules may change should we have something more to improve the quality and value of the workshop, rest assured that the changes will be for the attendees best interest, not ours)


{UNFOLD NEWS FLASH} We want to really maximise our time with our beloved attendees so we are adding a few more exciting things to our UNFOLD Workshop 2013 experience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this coming July.
1. We have decided that we will be providing a free 20 minutes 2 on 2 consultation session to those who are interested in chatting with us about either their business or their work. We believe that this chat will be invaluable for our attendees and it will allow us to get to know everyone in a more personal level.

2. Celebration dinner is confirmed FREE to all attendees as we want to make sure that everyone is present to celebrate together with all of us.

There are still more to come and registration is still open as we only have a few seats left so please feel free to register your interest to unfold@papercranes.com.au


Thanks heaps to those who have supported us and believed in us all this time. We want to especially thank all of our sponsors, helpers, past attendees and also for the future attendees that we are going to be seeing very soon. We are very excited to get to know everyone and just simply connect and share as much as we can. Special thanks to the 3PM crew who are organising this event as we wouldn’t be able to do it without their help.

Cheers and God bless!

The Paper Cranes team
Website: www.papercranes.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/papercranesproductions