Hey folks!

We are excited to announce our third Unfold Workshop this year back in our home ground, Sydney.

Last year’s Unfold workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was definitely unforgettable (see video below) and we are looking forward for an even better one this year!

The topics that we will share will have a lot of new additions based on what we have learned from previous workshops as well as our own new experiences.

One of the new things that we want to introduce this year is our experience in filming with drones, which has been very very exciting indeed.But of course the thing that we want to focus the most is the art of storytelling and the mindset of a great storyteller. This event is not long to go so please book early to secure your spots :)

Our purpose in doing workshop is mainly to share our mindset about storytelling. We believe that as storytellers we are blessed with a very powerful talent and what we produce can be so inspiring and quite possibly change the world. So our desired outcome from the workshop is to produce storytellers that will help us change the world to a better place, one story at a time.


Life Centre International

19 Dowling St Arncliffe, Sydney


27th-29th August 2014 (9am-6pm)


Early Bird – $1210 (until 13th July 2014)

Studio Rate – $1320 (two or more people from the same studio)

Normal Price – $1540 (Closing date 15 August 2014)


Email: unfold@papercranes.com.au

with subject line: UNFOLD14 REGISTRATION

Here is the brief rundown of each of the 3 days (subject to change)

DAY 1: Introduction + Identify {you} + The Art of Storytelling + Creative Shooting Light snack will be provided as we gather in the workshop venue to say hello and get to know each other a bit more. We will show some of the attendees work and give feedback based on our personal view and experience. This will be great to sort of see where everyone is at and what can be improved during the course of the workshop then we will kick off with education straight after. On this first day, we want to concentrate on setting the grounds right. We will talk about how to stay true to yourselves and what some of the key techniques/skills that we apply in all of our shoots, in particular the language of film and storylining.

DAY 2: Practical Day + Group task Today is more of a practical day where we will show how we use our gear and also divide the attendees into smaller groups for the group task challenge.

DAY 3: Storytelling in Editing + Paper Cranes as Business + The importance of Branding + Sharing Session On the last day, we will cover our storytelling process in the post-production era, as well as how we grow our business and tips and tricks that we believe everyone can apply in their businesses. We also want to encourage everyone to share with one another, so we will have a brief sharing session where everyone can ask any question and share what they have in their mind with others. (These schedules may change should we have something more to improve the quality and value of the workshop, rest assured that the changes will be for the attendees best interest, not ours) We want to really maximise our time with our beloved attendees so we will be providing a free 20 minutes 2 on 2 consultation session to those who are interested in chatting with us about either their business or their work. We believe that this chat will be invaluable for our attendees and it will allow us to get to know everyone in a more personal level. Based on our survey, this has been invaluable to our previous attendees so we hope that it would be the same case with you guys too :)

Cheers and God bless!

The Paper Cranes team

Website: www.papercranes.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/papercranesproductions